Education as an integral tool

We are used to thinking of education as an integral tool that helps to shape personality and a lifestyle. For some people education is a luxury they can’t afford. This is why some of them even have ‘a collage fund’ for their children and save money for their future education.

But money isn’t enough for getting higher education. Studying at the University or College is a hard work. Students don’t sleep at night studying literature, algebra, mechanical drawing and other subjects. Of course they hope that all the hard work is going to pay off after they graduate and get a job.

But it’s not as easy as it seems. After the graduation former students face new difficulties. Like finding a job.

Even though they hear a lot of complaints from other people about how hard it is to find a job, they don’t think about it that much. After young people graduate and get their degrees they step into the world where every man is for himself. And for most of them it comes as a shock. It is every man’s first independent experience in real life with no teachers, and no support of their parents (in some cases).

There are no good or bad marks; there are real consequences of every mistake and sometimes no reward for all the things done right.

When former students start looking for a job the main problem they face is lack of experience. But how can a good student who has been spending all the nights studying have a work experience? Summer jobs? I think you are going to agree with me: summer jobs don’t have a big value.

I believe that employers should look at the big picture. They may have a brand new worker with fresh knowledge and fresh views, they may shape his / her attitude to work, because he / she is like a blank page with a huge potential.

I know there are employers that prefer to hire young people without any experience, because they can create a perfect worker with minimum effort. Like an architect creates a perfect new building. It is easy if you have a good material.

If a student already has a lot of experience by the time he / she graduates it means that he or she probably didn’t spend as much time studying and there are gaps in her / his knowledge. Of course, experience can cover it in some ways.

I don’t mean that students shouldn’t work at all. They should. There should be a practical use of their knowledge, they should gain new skills. Otherwise they won’t know what they are doing when they get a job. I am just saying that having a little experience is ok.

We all know that a good student in the past is a good worker in the future. Good marks do show responsibility and reliability, desire to learn and apply knowledge. Desire to excel.

So please, if you are an employer who is about to turn down a worker just because he or she doesn’t have much experience, reconsider. You won’t regret it.

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