Best Art History Books.

Today I would like to introduce you some of my favorite books involving art and art history. Some of them are good as fictions, their plot and style are brilliant, some are just wonderful answers to art riddles. But keep in mind that these answers are mere guesswork and they can mean absolutely nothing. Any of us can imagine it and create just a wonderful fairy tale about this or that piece of art. Anyway why not?

The same obviously happened to Tracy Chevalier, the author of Girl with a Pearl Earring (1999). More


Useful Tips for Learning Foreign Languages

People who take up learning foreign languages have completely different reasons – some need it for getting promoted at work, some are willing to change their current occupation for a job that has to do with languages or translations, some have relatives or friends abroad and want to get acquainted with their traditions and values through the language as a mirror of a specific culture, quite many people need it for traveling or simply get involved into language studies for self-improvement and out of interest.

Most of those who make a conscious decision to learn a foreign language are grown-ups, however, it is commonly known that the elder the person gets, the harder it is for them to memorize hundreds of new words and difficult grammar rules. Anyway, grown-ups may still learn a language relatively quickly and effectively as well as children if they make notice of some useful tips and actually practice them. As a professional translator, interpreter and tutor of the German and Finnish languages (note: Finnish is one of the most difficult languages ever!), I am eager to share some helpful advice with you.


Color and Personality

It has been noticed a long time ago that your favorite color can tell something about your mood and even about you personality. If the person is in a bad mood he may choose the clothes in the shades of green and vice verse the one, who’s happy chooses the light pink ones. To cope with a depression we dress up in the orange clothes as a rule. If you look through your wardrobe you may probably notice that the clothes of a certain one or two colors prevails. And of source that is not by chance.


Final Mystery of Art

The geniuses of art are people whose internal universe presents an unsolved mystery of the art world. They share with us their views and ideas through their works, but it is not always easy to follow the path of their inspiration and understand the key note of their art. That’s why such thorough attention is paid to the last works of great masters – people try to find the answer to all questions which have arisen from the creations of the artist. Some of the last works are finished, some are not. Some of them provide the answers and some confuses the mind even to a greater extent. However, the last works of artists appear to be closer to the solution of the mystery of art than anything else.

Salvador Dali is one of the most mysterious artists. The twists of his imagination just touch the conscious mind and go further to the subconscious level of perception. His surrealistic motives appeal to the depth of human soul and it is impossible to say why his works produce such strange effect. The last series of Dali’s paintings was devoted to the dynamic math. His very last work was created in 1983 and titled “The Swallow’s Tail”. This work reveals the idea of catastrophe theory combined with unexpected changes of mathematical equations. His last work is as mysterious as all his creations. However, it changes from the earlier surrealistic images as during his last years Dali tended to study the laws of the universe through the prism of math. May be he wanted to show that the world has strict pattern no matter what absurd forms may be found there.


10 Crazy outfits of Lady Gaga

We are used to watching shows about what celebrities wear, reading about it, looking at their pictures of their outfit on the internet and in the magazines. Many people want to wear what they wear. But sometimes celebrities show up wearing something crazy, something that we would never wear. It draws attention and may provoke a scandal or just a lot of rumors. One of the celebrities who dress up into very unusual clothes is Lady Gaga.

Now I want to remind you about the most extravagant outfits of hers.

1.The Bubble Dress.

Most people like bubbles. I love bubbles. But it seems Lady Gaga loves them more than anyone else! I have no idea how she managed to sit in this dress, wrapped in bubbles. But let’s face it, this is one of her most innocent outfits.


7 Ways to Say ‘No’

Everyone knows that being too assertive is no good. But being too shy can also cause some difficulties. In a present day world confident people get better positions and communicate more successfully. The age when women had to be shy, modest and silent passed long ago. But what to do if shyness is your natural characteristic? Though it’s not a negative peculiarity shyness can make you stay in the shadow of your friends and colleagues. Avoiding new contacts can prevent you from doing your best at work and showing your skills.

Anyway it is easier to overcome the natural shyness than cope with assertiveness. So what are the advantages of being shy? First of all you will for sure have less enemies. You may avoid some unpleasant situations just because you’re too shy to say a word.

Now let us consider all the disadvantages. Other people may use your inability to reject them. They probably will be grateful to you, but will you be grateful to yourself? Try to say a firm “no” for a couple of times and you’ll see that it doesn’t require too much effort. Gradually you will understand that a polite rejection is not a difficult thing to do. Don’t dwell on the thought that other people to be upset. Saying “no” is quite normal and most of the people take rejections easy. If you still find it difficult try to find the adequate reason which will be an obstacle for saying “yes”.


Young Geniuses

While attending different art exhibitions and admiring pictures and art objects I usually think that it would be great if I could make something by myself. Every person feels the power of the imagination inside if his or her mind, but only a few have the opportunity to express it. If you lack confidence, try to create something with children. The children are those who are not afraid of a poor result but concentrate on the process. If you think that you lack skills and probably won’t succeed check out the works of child artists. Most of them are so young that don’t have any education in the sphere of art. However the fact that they don’t have any diploma doesn’t prevent them from expressing their thoughts, feelings and ideas on the paper.