Young Geniuses

While attending different art exhibitions and admiring pictures and art objects I usually think that it would be great if I could make something by myself. Every person feels the power of the imagination inside if his or her mind, but only a few have the opportunity to express it. If you lack confidence, try to create something with children. The children are those who are not afraid of a poor result but concentrate on the process. If you think that you lack skills and probably won’t succeed check out the works of child artists. Most of them are so young that don’t have any education in the sphere of art. However the fact that they don’t have any diploma doesn’t prevent them from expressing their thoughts, feelings and ideas on the paper.

Akiane Kramarik, aged sixteen, started painting at four. She has never studied art. Her realistic paintings carry a very serious and complicated vision of the world inspired by the ideas of Christianity. Her pictures are being sold all over the world and millions of people are mesmerized by the depth of her talent. Some part of the money raised is donated to charities.

Wang Yani, a Chinese girl born in 1975, started her professional way even earlier. She began drawing at the age of two and a half. Her works are full of happiness and joy of life. She claimed that she was inspired by nature. The vivid colors and positive images make us think of our life as of a miracle. When people were watching her painting they were surprised how fast she did it. They called her phenomena “a flying brush”. Later Wang Yani was awarded a grant ta study in Germany and develop her skills further.

The world-famous painter Pablo Picasso created his first painting “Picador” when he was only seven. According to his mother’s memoirs his first word was “piz” which meant “a pencil”. This prodigy child had a lot to say to people and he managed to do it.

Five-year-old Aelita Andre is an example of a child who has reached a great success by studying and watching her parents. They are both artists and the girl often watched them working. She didn’t even celebrate her first birthday when she painted her fist picture. Of course she was born gifted, but watching her parents had an enormous impact on her development. Her paintings are very bright, even challenging. She is internationally known as “the prodigy of color”.

Bada Shanren is a unique child who succeeded in the art of calligraphy. It’s a very unusual for a child to have an ability to concentrate and have such great patience. However he started with poetry and then he found his way of expression in this difficult field.

So you can pick up a brush in every moment and try to express your inner state. Who knows, maybe the child inside your mind will break some artists rules or laws and you will discover your own prodigy through creating pictures and art objects.

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