10 Crazy outfits of Lady Gaga

We are used to watching shows about what celebrities wear, reading about it, looking at their pictures of their outfit on the internet and in the magazines. Many people want to wear what they wear. But sometimes celebrities show up wearing something crazy, something that we would never wear. It draws attention and may provoke a scandal or just a lot of rumors. One of the celebrities who dress up into very unusual clothes is Lady Gaga.

Now I want to remind you about the most extravagant outfits of hers.

1.The Bubble Dress.

Most people like bubbles. I love bubbles. But it seems Lady Gaga loves them more than anyone else! I have no idea how she managed to sit in this dress, wrapped in bubbles. But let’s face it, this is one of her most innocent outfits.

3.Red Lace Mask.

This one was very provoking. It seems like Lady Gaga didn’t care to wear any underwear under the red lace that covered all her body except for legs. Her face was not just covered with lace, but there was also some kind of red fabric crown on her head.

And it isn’t the only outfit that covered her face, she wears glasses a lot, a lot of makeup, her face is always kind of hidden.

3.Kryptonite Style Dress.

I have no idea what it is made of, but it looks like the fabric is pretty much starched, or maybe it is even carton, decorated with very geometrical flowers or what looks more like crystals. This dress is actually y kind of cute and not as crazy as the other ones.

4.Crow Dress.

She was seen in the dress at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards: the collar looked like it was made of crow feathers; Lady gaga was also wearing a hat and a gold mask that covered half of her face.

5.The Famous Mirrored Dress.

This is what she was wearing at Glastonbury Festival. The outfit also included a mirrored mask that matched the dress.

6.Elephant Hair Do.

Gaga is famous not only for her dresses but for her hair dos too. She sang ‘Poker face’ in Japan with a hair do that looked like a brown elephant head.

7.Hair Satellite.

This is what I would call a ‘Mushroom Head’ hair do because it really did look like a mushroom to me.

8.Newspaper Dress.

This dress is believed to be made by Gaga from the old newspapers, it is showing newlines mostly. The specific feature of the dress is the big bow (or is it a flower?) on the chest.

9.Flaming breasts outfit.

The black outfit with something like metal cones in the breasts area was bursting into flames when she was singing.

10.And number ten, I believe this dress caused more scandals than all the above mentioned outfits combined, The Meat Dress.

The dress was believed to be made of raw beef, which was widely disapproved by vegetarians and other people who root for the protection of animals. I am with them, by the way.

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