Color and Personality

It has been noticed a long time ago that your favorite color can tell something about your mood and even about you personality. If the person is in a bad mood he may choose the clothes in the shades of green and vice verse the one, who’s happy chooses the light pink ones. To cope with a depression we dress up in the orange clothes as a rule. If you look through your wardrobe you may probably notice that the clothes of a certain one or two colors prevails. And of source that is not by chance.

  • White is the result of synthesizing all the colors, the so-called “ideal color”. That is a cool sheerness of snow, a sparkle of water and a fluff of a dandelion. This color is suitable for every personality. But one should take into consideration the culture and traditions of other countries. In one culture the white color symbolizes purity and innocence, in the other it may symbolize death and in the third white stands for abandonment of all the earthly passions. And the white dress will for sure remind all the Europeans of a medical uniform.
  • Black is the antagonist of white. Usually it reflects the negative attitude towards life and the attempt to close from the real state of the things. But the black color also shapes the body that’s why black trousers and skirts remain popular. And remember the little black dress which is considered to be an eternal classics of elegance.

  • The grey color is usually preferred by the calm and sensible ones. A sober life view and independence are the main characteristics of those who like grey shades in their clothes. This neutral color is a real rescue for the shy people as well. The grey clothes is almost non-stainable and canny, which can easily be transformed into a smart outfit with the help of a bright scarf or pearl necklace.
  • Blue and turquoise are the colors of sea and sky. But behind the outer serenity the strong passions may be hided. The women who prefer these colors are lead by their emotions.
  • Down-to-earth rational people tend to prefer green. They usually avoid the unnecessary actions and think over the each step. A healthy self-confidence and serious attitude to life are typical of those who enjoys dressing in khaki. This color suits the people with red or auburn hair. The bright ginger hair will be in harmony with the deep emerald shades. To look more elegant you may add a golden chain to your green outfit.
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  1. Fashion Mayann
    Jul 23, 2012 @ 14:51:08

    Great post although I only wear black clothes but I have a positive attitude towards life (because you’re right : black shapes the body) ! Thank you very much for following my blog ! Yours is really interesting ! Positive wishes from Marseille, France !


  2. turntoyourinnersmile
    Jul 30, 2012 @ 16:10:34

    To be honest, 80% of all my clothes is black too for the same very reason. To me black is a color wearing which you can go to office, to bar to restaurant or like even chill out. For example you wouldn’t wear electric green or bright red to an official lunch. Plus black is very simple to match since all the colors look amazing with black. Thank you very much for your opinion, that was lovely of you to comment on my post!


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