5 % law

There is such a notion called auto synchronization. It is also called “The 5% law”.

First this process was recognized in ancient Egypt. The core of the notion is the following: if 5% of members ofany community do the same action, all other majority of the society begins to repeat this action.

For example, if you frighten 5% of the calm horse herd, the whole herd will run away in panic. If 5% of the fireflies family accidentally flashes at the same time, the whole family will start glowing.

This is typical not only of animals but of people too. Recently, British scientists have held an experiment. They invited a great number of people to one big hall. All the people were given a task to move in free directions and only 5% of them were to move strictly in the given direction. In some time all the people in the hall were moving to the same direction as 5% who had been told to behave like that.

In order for auto synchronization to exist, the community in which it happens should be somehow similar. They must have practically the same informational algorithmic state and there must be at least one way of informational exchange between them. No matter if it’s non-verbal, but it should exist. Also it’s very important for this community to have fast informational processing.

By the way, you can hold an experiment yourself. All you need is to come with a couple of your friends to any concert and start clapping hands the moment you want to do it. The whole concert-hall will repeat this clapping after you.

This process under discussion is possible only when the participants are unaware of what they are doing and behave unconsciously. When the level of self-discipline and control is very low. This becomes a kind of nonstructural management, as you don’t need to tell others what to do and only 5% of working community members can give the rhythm and direction to any activity.

Anyway, what I want to say is that auto synchronization is a very popular approach now in practically all the spheres of our life. It’s the engine of trade. Just imagine: all you need to do is give a false hint there will be no….salt, for example. No salt in the shops. 5% of consumers get frightened and go to the shops to buy all the salt that can be sold there. What do we do? Right, we get frightened after those 5% and repeat their action. Salt manufacturers and shop keepers get the income. We get fooled.

Exactly the same way 5% of aggressors can transform a calm meeting into mass fight with practically no effort spent. As you can see, those 5% can do anything and you will never be able to recognize that you act not voluntarily.

Not only trade works this way. This is the engine of Mass Media as well. When you watch TV or read a newspaper you never think that 5% have already been set ready to effect you. You think everything is right, but it’s not so. Just think of it and get the right conclusions.

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