10 Facts About Famous Writers You Have Never Known About

1. William Shakespeare born and died at the same day (April, 23)

2. Lord Byron was a womanizer. In spite of the fact that he was fat and lame, he managed to have sex with 250 (!) women within one year spent in Venice. Unfortunately, opposite sex wasn’t the only passion of Lord Byron. He used to spend a lot of time with young boys as well. Apparently, 250 women weren’t enough for him.

5. Byron used to collect the “souvenirs” from all the women he slept with: his sweethearts’ pubic hairs. He stored them in the envelopes.

6. Charles Dickens’s childhood was by no means a perfect model of happy times. He was obliged to help his father on the shoe polish factory. Little Charlie had to stick the labels on the boxes all the day long, and maybe that’s why his images of poor orphans were so convincing.

7. Dickens couldn’t start working if the furniture in his room wasn’t placed properly. He was the only one who knew what does “properly” mean and always started writing with moving the chairs and tables.

8. Ernest Hemingway was an alcoholic, suicide and peiraphobic (stage frightened). He never believed praises, even those said by his closest friends. He survived 5 wars, 4 car accidents and 2 plane crashes. Besides, he used to say that he’s spied by FBI. This was actually true: according to the secret documents revealed after Hemingway’s death, FBI was really haunting him.

9. Honore De Balzac believed that ejaculation is a waste of artistic energy. Once upon a time after a night spent with a woman, he told her that this morning he had lost a great novel.

10. Lewis Carroll, the author of the most psychedelic novel in the world, suffered from fevers, urocystitis, lumbago, eczema, furunculosis, arthritis, rheumatis, headaches, and insomnia. Besides, he used to be a priest and often repented of some awful sin in his diaries. Some people believe he was Jack the Ripper.

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  1. Vergielyn Cubol
    Aug 16, 2012 @ 02:49:59

    LOL! The Jack The Ripper thing hahahahahah


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