Your Dark Side – Understand and Accept

Sometimes we just burst out with no obvious reason, do impossible things and then do not understand how it could happen. In most cases it is our dark side, or Shade to blame for such inadequate behavior. Learning the features of your alter ago and accepting them will make you a more harmonious personality.

Shade is a so-called store of all unnecessary or dangerous qualities which were extruded from our character by the society, but in stressful situations they can still pop up. Shade contains great energy and if you approach your dark side consciously you can turn it into creative energy, otherwise this power can become disastrous for your personality. The suppression of shade energy can lead to neurosis or different diseases, such as heart disease or gastric ulcer.

To start the acquaintance with your Shade you should perform several simple exercises. First, make a list of the qualities which make you anger and write down situations when you revealed them.

Then, reread several fairy-tales and try to define who the shade twin of the main character is. Then associate yourself with your favorite hero and make a representation on his behalf, and then on the behalf of its dark alter ego.

To meet and interact with your Shade is possible through your body language. Observe your sensations while you experience strong emotions and define the places where your tension collects, then begin to message them softly. Learn the range of your movements and try to go beyond its limits. Move in a completely different manner and observe the change in your condition.

You can also express your Shade in a creative work. Draw your black twin, or write a poem about him. It is possible to reveal some positive qualities which were extruded from your character as well.

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