Most Expensive Modern Female Artists

In the past the art was considered to be an occupation which would bring you spiritual satisfaction and pleasure rather than money. Besides, it was mainly the sphere of men’s activity as women had to perform house work and bring up children. However, with the changes in the human society the world of art has changed as well. Nowadays the number of female artists constantly increases and the sums of money they earn prove that art has become a well-paid profession.

One of the most expensive female painters is Cindy Sherman who is known for her series of self-portraits presenting different images and clothes. One of the most popular works of Sherman where the artist has pictured herself as a corpse splotched with mud was sold in 2010 for 2.4 million dollars.



Empty cities

Emptiness is fascinating. It is strange. Pictures of the places without people afford to contemplate of environment. Everything is well known and familiar to us. But abandoned places make us rethink of trivial things. Those pictures let us see what we do not pay much attention to. And it may even seem that we have never been to those places even though the depicted image is round the corner. This feeling is quite difficult to describe. But it is really unusual.

So today I would like to share the most interesting photo projects devoted to empty places.


Do You Like the Sound of Your Own Voice?

It is widely known that the eyes of a person are the mirror of his or her soul. But is that the only mirror? The doctor of ancient Rome Galen said that the voice of people reflects their personality as well as the eyes do. Probably you have met the intelligent and witty people who seemed to be quite pleasant and easy-going from the first sight but you couldn’t stand talking to them for more than a minute. That thing happened because the sound of their voice was unpleasant for you to hear. There is the opposite situation happening even more often than the previous one. The one who talks about banalities or even lies carries so much enthusiasm and charm in his voice that he easily finds followers.