Problems your immigrant parents face

Living abroad for some period of time you want your parents to move to your place. That’s great indeed. But you should take into account lots of problems your parents inevitably would face. It would be more difficult if your parents do not speak the official language of the country they are going to move. You should try your best and ask them to learn at least basic phrases they may use in daily life. You can’t follow your parents every time and help them by translating. It would be a challenge for them even to go shopping. And probably in many cases it would be difficult for them just go out for a walk. They would refuse to do it just because they would like to avoid any problems and stresses. But they can’t stay at home all the time like in vacuum. Later because of it they would miss their homeland and probably would like to come back home. So you and your parents should realize that for them it is a challenge.

You should also prepare your parents to cultural differences. What seem them ordinary and unimportant may turn to be very important in the country they are leaving for. They should know basic rules of the culture they are going to get acquainted with. You ignore it because you are sure they would learn everything on the spot. Of course they would but it would be pretty difficult for them. They would be overwhelmed with new things, information and events. Remember that for elderly people this kind of experience is quite stressful. For the first time they would be excited but then excitement would be probably replaced by frustration as they do not understand many things. In fact they would be alone without their friends and acquaintances not knowing much about culture and its characteristic aspects. Probably they would miss things they got used to.

Another common problem elderly immigrants face concerns social system. Get ready to it and find out as much information as possible concerning the issues of social insurance your parents would need.

Think what would your parents do while living abroad in absolutely different country. Probably they have to learn new things that they would never learn at home. Are they planning to work or just stay at home enjoying their lives? That’s really important to get into account and prepare in advance. And once again they can’t simply stay at home doing nothing. Depending on the situation you may find them a job. And it could be an actual problem for them in many cases. So you need support them as much as possible. You should realize that they accept many things in a different way. Do not be irritated if they do not understand something about life in the country they moved to. It takes pretty much time even for young immigrants to get used to new reality. Needless to say what elderly people experience and feel when face new reality.

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