Cyber Folklore

Have you ever thought about the way the virtual reality can change a human being and even turn it in a computer software? Today when virtual reality has interfered the objective reality a lot of people literally lose their personality and cease seeing the border between these two words. It is not an occasion that a human being is compared to a machine. Body is supposed to be the hardware and the soul or mind is supposed to be the software of a human being.

In connection with this phenomenon more and more point of views based on mysticism appear nowadays. Some individuals suppose that cyber space alters with the real space. They even admit the possibility of these two worlds changing their places.
The Internet forums are literally stuffed with the creepy stories about some “lost files” (Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv, Barbie.avi or Barelybreathing), computer games that kill people or emails received from the deceased.
Since computers, the computer network and virtual reality have become an essential part of our everyday life they become the great source of urban legends of all kinds. Of course the leader here is Japan. Japanese school and urban folklore is rather grim and the legends about cyber monsters, deadly applications or people lost in the web become one of the most popular ones among young adults and teenagers.
Anime cartoon called “Serial Experiments Lain” has become the first cyberpunk art work. Though the computers and digital devices shown there may seem somewhat funny and old-fashioned the whole idea of this cartoon will stay timely for a long time. The main character, a teenage girl named Lain discovers that her personality is nothing more than a computer software.
The British alternative rock group BOA has created the brilliant soundtrack for this anime series. The opening theme “Duvet” has become a hit all over the world.
BOA has also released the remixed version of this song and named it after the Cyberia club, a place where the members of the Wired (analogue of the really existing Internet) used to hang out.
It is possible that these urban legends are just the product of imagination. After all though the Internet has been created by the human beings the average users still know a little about its functioning. Some phenomena seem to be rather creepy for the user who can’t explain their nature. It is clear that the most part of computer users don’t differ much from the ancient people who thought that thunderstorm was the anger of gods. Creepy stories and files have become the whole section of urban folklore.

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