Problems your immigrant parents face

Living abroad for some period of time you want your parents to move to your place. That’s great indeed. But you should take into account lots of problems your parents inevitably would face. It would be more difficult if your parents do not speak the official language of the country they are going to move. You should try your best and ask them to learn at least basic phrases they may use in daily life. You can’t follow your parents every time and help them by translating. It would be a challenge for them even to go shopping. And probably in many cases it would be difficult for them just go out for a walk. They would refuse to do it just because they would like to avoid any problems and stresses. But they can’t stay at home all the time like in vacuum. Later because of it they would miss their homeland and probably would like to come back home. So you and your parents should realize that for them it is a challenge.



Useful Tips for Learning Foreign Languages

People who take up learning foreign languages have completely different reasons – some need it for getting promoted at work, some are willing to change their current occupation for a job that has to do with languages or translations, some have relatives or friends abroad and want to get acquainted with their traditions and values through the language as a mirror of a specific culture, quite many people need it for traveling or simply get involved into language studies for self-improvement and out of interest.

Most of those who make a conscious decision to learn a foreign language are grown-ups, however, it is commonly known that the elder the person gets, the harder it is for them to memorize hundreds of new words and difficult grammar rules. Anyway, grown-ups may still learn a language relatively quickly and effectively as well as children if they make notice of some useful tips and actually practice them. As a professional translator, interpreter and tutor of the German and Finnish languages (note: Finnish is one of the most difficult languages ever!), I am eager to share some helpful advice with you.