Most Expensive Modern Female Artists

In the past the art was considered to be an occupation which would bring you spiritual satisfaction and pleasure rather than money. Besides, it was mainly the sphere of men’s activity as women had to perform house work and bring up children. However, with the changes in the human society the world of art has changed as well. Nowadays the number of female artists constantly increases and the sums of money they earn prove that art has become a well-paid profession.

One of the most expensive female painters is Cindy Sherman who is known for her series of self-portraits presenting different images and clothes. One of the most popular works of Sherman where the artist has pictured herself as a corpse splotched with mud was sold in 2010 for 2.4 million dollars.

An American artist Julie Mehretu who was born in Ethiopia has sold one of her works on the Sotheby’s auction in New York for two million dollars. The fact that her pictures were exhibited in the Guggenheim Museum also added much to her popularity.

A Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes is called the rising star in the world of modern art as three of her works were sold to the most famous museums – the Museum of Modern Art, Guggenheim and Metropolitan Museum. Probably, the key to success of this painter is that she combines traditional Brazilian forms of art with techniques of western culture.

Marlene Dumas should be also included in the rating of the most expensive and successful artists of contemporary art. Her works can be easily recognized due to unique style used by this painter. She reveals the essence of human nature in her works through painting nude or funerary portraits. Dumas is also not indifferent to acute social issues, such as racism, social inequality and sexual education. Among the most famous of her works are “Pregnant Image”, “Dead Marilyn”, the series “The Eyes of the Night Creatures” and the series of pictures called “Stripping Girls” which shows the inner life of night clubs in Amsterdam.

Of course, we all adore the works of acknowledged masters of painting. However, the art is a constantly developing substance and new talented artists constantly emerge. I think they deserve the attention of the audience as they reflect the pace and events of modern life in their works and provide us with a different point of view on what is going on in the world.


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