Cyber Folklore

Have you ever thought about the way the virtual reality can change a human being and even turn it in a computer software? Today when virtual reality has interfered the objective reality a lot of people literally lose their personality and cease seeing the border between these two words. It is not an occasion that a human being is compared to a machine. Body is supposed to be the hardware and the soul or mind is supposed to be the software of a human being.


Problems your immigrant parents face

Living abroad for some period of time you want your parents to move to your place. That’s great indeed. But you should take into account lots of problems your parents inevitably would face. It would be more difficult if your parents do not speak the official language of the country they are going to move. You should try your best and ask them to learn at least basic phrases they may use in daily life. You can’t follow your parents every time and help them by translating. It would be a challenge for them even to go shopping. And probably in many cases it would be difficult for them just go out for a walk. They would refuse to do it just because they would like to avoid any problems and stresses. But they can’t stay at home all the time like in vacuum. Later because of it they would miss their homeland and probably would like to come back home. So you and your parents should realize that for them it is a challenge.


Painter of the Rain

Some natural phenomena are practically impalpable and we can only enjoy their transience. However, some artists manage to capture the moments and transform them into new form of art. Gregory Thielker, for instance, is a painter whose talent allows him to picture the rain and do it with great accuracy and taste.

Gregory was born in 1979 in New Jersey, USA. He was in love with fine art since childhood and developed his talent in the Williamstown University and the University of Saint Luis. Thielker works in a comparatively new genre of art which is called photorealism or super realism. This kind of art appeared in the USA in the 60s of the previous century and then became popular in Europe. The basic technique of photorealism is the detailed accuracy of the representation of reality, so the pictures resemble the imitations of photos much.


Most Expensive Modern Female Artists

In the past the art was considered to be an occupation which would bring you spiritual satisfaction and pleasure rather than money. Besides, it was mainly the sphere of men’s activity as women had to perform house work and bring up children. However, with the changes in the human society the world of art has changed as well. Nowadays the number of female artists constantly increases and the sums of money they earn prove that art has become a well-paid profession.

One of the most expensive female painters is Cindy Sherman who is known for her series of self-portraits presenting different images and clothes. One of the most popular works of Sherman where the artist has pictured herself as a corpse splotched with mud was sold in 2010 for 2.4 million dollars.


Empty cities

Emptiness is fascinating. It is strange. Pictures of the places without people afford to contemplate of environment. Everything is well known and familiar to us. But abandoned places make us rethink of trivial things. Those pictures let us see what we do not pay much attention to. And it may even seem that we have never been to those places even though the depicted image is round the corner. This feeling is quite difficult to describe. But it is really unusual.

So today I would like to share the most interesting photo projects devoted to empty places.


Do You Like the Sound of Your Own Voice?

It is widely known that the eyes of a person are the mirror of his or her soul. But is that the only mirror? The doctor of ancient Rome Galen said that the voice of people reflects their personality as well as the eyes do. Probably you have met the intelligent and witty people who seemed to be quite pleasant and easy-going from the first sight but you couldn’t stand talking to them for more than a minute. That thing happened because the sound of their voice was unpleasant for you to hear. There is the opposite situation happening even more often than the previous one. The one who talks about banalities or even lies carries so much enthusiasm and charm in his voice that he easily finds followers.


Your Dark Side – Understand and Accept

Sometimes we just burst out with no obvious reason, do impossible things and then do not understand how it could happen. In most cases it is our dark side, or Shade to blame for such inadequate behavior. Learning the features of your alter ago and accepting them will make you a more harmonious personality.

Shade is a so-called store of all unnecessary or dangerous qualities which were extruded from our character by the society, but in stressful situations they can still pop up. Shade contains great energy and if you approach your dark side consciously you can turn it into creative energy, otherwise this power can become disastrous for your personality. The suppression of shade energy can lead to neurosis or different diseases, such as heart disease or gastric ulcer.


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