Final Mystery of Art

The geniuses of art are people whose internal universe presents an unsolved mystery of the art world. They share with us their views and ideas through their works, but it is not always easy to follow the path of their inspiration and understand the key note of their art. That’s why such thorough attention is paid to the last works of great masters – people try to find the answer to all questions which have arisen from the creations of the artist. Some of the last works are finished, some are not. Some of them provide the answers and some confuses the mind even to a greater extent. However, the last works of artists appear to be closer to the solution of the mystery of art than anything else.

Salvador Dali is one of the most mysterious artists. The twists of his imagination just touch the conscious mind and go further to the subconscious level of perception. His surrealistic motives appeal to the depth of human soul and it is impossible to say why his works produce such strange effect. The last series of Dali’s paintings was devoted to the dynamic math. His very last work was created in 1983 and titled “The Swallow’s Tail”. This work reveals the idea of catastrophe theory combined with unexpected changes of mathematical equations. His last work is as mysterious as all his creations. However, it changes from the earlier surrealistic images as during his last years Dali tended to study the laws of the universe through the prism of math. May be he wanted to show that the world has strict pattern no matter what absurd forms may be found there.