Painter of the Rain

Some natural phenomena are practically impalpable and we can only enjoy their transience. However, some artists manage to capture the moments and transform them into new form of art. Gregory Thielker, for instance, is a painter whose talent allows him to picture the rain and do it with great accuracy and taste.

Gregory was born in 1979 in New Jersey, USA. He was in love with fine art since childhood and developed his talent in the Williamstown University and the University of Saint Luis. Thielker works in a comparatively new genre of art which is called photorealism or super realism. This kind of art appeared in the USA in the 60s of the previous century and then became popular in Europe. The basic technique of photorealism is the detailed accuracy of the representation of reality, so the pictures resemble the imitations of photos much.

In my opinion, Thielker is the master of this technique as you feel like you are present at the scenes he creates. It seems that you are inside his picture and watch the drops of rain falling on the wind screen of your car. The world created by the artist is fragile and illusory as if flooded with rain. On the other hand, there is a barrier between you and the world which creates the sense of comfort and safety and makes you dive deep into your thoughts while listening to the gentle tapping of the rain or imagining that you hear it.

The recent works of Thielker present the views through the wind screen of a car driving in the rain. The combination of speed and calm softness of the rain produces the impression which can be hardly compared with anything else in the world of art. The talent of Thielker as a painter and his shrewdness as a philosopher makes him one of my favorite artists.


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